Our goal is to improve the quality of product and services through increased productivity of human resources. Considering our Mission and Guiding Principles, we will be happy to assist you in any way we could to accomplish your objectives. We will appreciate and welcome the opportunity to serve you at any capacity possible. Our prime objective is earning your trust, satisfaction, cooperation, and the respect of your organization. Research and analysis based on scientific principles, and utilizing the time tested tools and methods are considered logical and ethical procedure for us; and at the same time, this method is the most viable and reliable for you.



Presentation of the seminars listed in this site. Please check the "Detail requirements…"

Use of information presented at this site is free and unrestricted.

Free phone conference to assess your requirements.


Meeting and consulting with our expert personnel to research your needs and develop solutions for improving personnel's productivity.


Assistance and consulting services on a continual basis (1-6 months,one 3-hour session per week) for those managers requiring assistance and eager to gain scientific insight to their day-to-day operations.


Develop and present custom quality improvement programs.


Develop special professional seminars specifically for your organization.


Define educational requirements, develop custom professional training programs for your staff, and establish benchmarks for continual improvements.


Professional presentation for your programs and seminars.


Conducting and/or assisting with your public announcements about your organization to your personnel, and to your clients or shareholders.


Working with your staff in order to develop various HR-related educational programs.   

List of services: