Detail requirements for presentation of seminars:

Invitation form
Introduction sheet for this center
Introduction sheet for the presenter
Seminar's summary for your bulletin board
List of participants
by host
A sample booklet to duplication for all participants
by host
A sample diploma to duplication for all participants
by host
Whiteboard (150*100 centimeters)
by host
A sample evaluation form to duplication for all participants
by host
Comfortable room with adequate facilities nearby
by host
Preparation for light snack, tea, and soft drinks
by host
Light lunch for all-day seminars
by host
Picture and audio visual recording equipments
by host & Center

It is most advantageous that these seminars are presented in an informal and friendly setting, where everyone is most willing to activity participate and contribute feely. Substantial efforts are undertaken to streamline and simplify these seminars. You will witness an interesting and informative presentation with minimal effort and expenses on your part, and with little or no interruption in performing your routine activities.  It is in this simple setting that we will be able to motivate and help participants to utilize the principles presented in these seminars.

A booklet is prepared for each seminar; it is given out at the beginning of the seminar. There is ample room in the booklets for personal notes. At the conclusion participants are asked to complete the Seminar Evaluation form, after which diploma is granted to those who have successfully participated and completed all the requirements. A Statistical Summary Total of the evaluations will be compiled and presented to those responsible for personnel's education in your company. If appropriate, photo and recording may be taken.  Certain information will be printed on the cover page of the booklets and on the diplomas, such as participants' name and possibly some organizational specifics.

You are kindly invited to contact us for details, what is required, and how you may make the necessary arrangements. The following list may serve as a guide to what is expected from you and what is already available to you.