This site is the result of work and guidance of many friends and colleagues who inspired me and undertook various responsibilities without which I could not have achieved these results. To name every one of these individuals will be too lengthy and is very unnecessary to thank good friends for the friendship they provided me. The main purpose for the list below is to reminiscence the great time we had together and to appreciate the value of their friendship.

Mr. John Nourzad
The seminars' simplicity and ease are all because of him.

Miss. Kianoosh Taghizadeh Ansaari
Her sense of creativity and good taste is evident in every seminar.

Mr. Mohammad Ansaari
He designed every cartoon as an accurate depiction of the seminar's central point.

Mr. Ali Torabi
Actual construction of this site and its maintenance rests with him.

Mr. Babak Hashemi
Photographs in this site were taken by him.

Credits and recognitions