Chrysler Corporation, Michigan, U.S.A 
Initiated and sponsored corporate-wide Paper Reduction
Procedures (CPRP), saving Chrysler $1.6 Million annually.

Initiated Computer Based Scheduling Systems (CBS) eliminating
60% of manpower, and reducing errors by 80%.

Commissioned to Diamond Star Motors to coordinate joint Chrysler
and Mitsubishi computer manufacturing & quality systems.

Founder of Global Connect, a company in Warren Michigan, U.S.A
Focused at consulting on HR issues and computer systems for small
businesses and professionals.

Ford Corporation, Michigan, U.S.A
Responsible for Dealer Ordering System, assessing requirements for
computer based systems development and on-the-job training of
dealerships operators.

Iran National Company, Tehran, Iran, (Iran Khodro)
Worked closely with the UK-USA management team and the local staff,    
managed the central computer shop, developed computer operations
manual and procedures, managed various project teams, developed
computer programs, and procedures. 

Special Achievements: