My education and job experiences have been primarily in the area of business administration and personnel management. I have taught and also worked on various aspects of Human Resources, (HR). I have prepared and currently present number of seminars for professionals in (HR). A selected number of these seminars are used as a part of a comprehensive training program designed for those assuming responsibility in this area. I have been trained, for executive position, in the U.S and worked extensively for two of the top five American multinational companies: Ford Company and Chrysler Corporation. My job experiences cover both teaching at graduate level and seventeen years at Chrysler Corporation Headquarters at mid–level executive position. I have worked closely with many of the top executives of the Chrysler Corporation as well as the officers of companies providing various parts and services to Chrysler.

I have learned various management disciplines, and have been able to apply them in Iran as well as in the U.S. My multi-dimensional education and on-the-job experiences have enabled me to work for, and recruit and build task forces of various sizes, different nationalities, ages, gender, beliefs and expertise.

I am confident that working with your team of domestic or international professionals, will be both challenging and gratifying - as a consultant or as an active member of your existing management team. I will bring many years of experience and knowledge that can contribute substantially to the management of your company.

Please feel free to contact me via this site's address either in English or Farsi.

Re: For consideration by English speaking client 

Farhad Mahdabi