Is this 1+1=3 possible? Yes, but only with teamwork. This seminar covers various teamwork principles for an   effective and successful team. You will be able to improve the dynamic and creativity of your team by establishing minimum number of guidelines and actively encouraging cooperation among the team members. How should you establish a productive and constructive relationship with every member of your team and among team's members? How would one achieve the team's objectives, improve the team's efficiency, improve the quality, and raise the quantity of products and services?

What are the circumstances under which teamwork is essential? Is there a distinction in personnel selection when hiring an individual for a team as opposed to hiring for an isolated or independent task? What is normally expected from a team member? What is expected from a team leader? Why teamwork is essential in attaining the superior quality in product and services.

Teamwork is a medium through which interdependence and collective reliance will work together to achieve results.  You will see how team's effectiveness, productivity, and cooperation can be improved by participating in group activities, and especially by regular in-house training. This seminar will focus on applying scientific and tested principles for which systematic methods can easily be learned and utilized to accomplish collective tasks with superior productivity.


The required time for this seminar is 4 to 5 hours, excluding time for lunch.

Seminar summary: