How can you reach out and attain whatever you desire with ease, self confidence and considerable speed?  How can we focus on our objectives and approach them with increased self esteem? How should we set goals and make various preparations to achieve them?

It is not wise to embark on a journey not having a specific destination in mind. In your professional and personal life, it is equally unwise not to have goals, or specific objectives. In most instances, hard work and long hours without an effective strategy to focus and guide our resources is wasteful and often counterproductive.

This seminar covers all related topics: advantages of having goals, rules to observe when setting goals, avoiding procrastinations, and adopting the most productive procedures to reach your objectives.

Are you ready to see how your destiny takes shape in the form of your future goals and objectives which you could define now? You will see how your increased awareness of influential factors paves your way towards your objectives. Every topic and principle will be dealt with patiently and thoroughly. The main concern is to focus on a set of systematic, and easy to adopt methods which you can readily use and see immediate measurable result.

Seminar summary:

The required time for this seminar is 4 to 5 hours, excluding time for lunch.
Goal setting