Time management is a series of techniques that when applied can help you to save at least 2 hours daily. Everyone can use these simple and yet powerful techniques to accomplish his/her responsibilities more efficiently and effectively. You will see how one can easily plan for various activities to accomplish them in a shorter time.                                                    

Your increased efficiency will depend on how far you are willing to apply these principles in your personal and professional work. For proper use of your time, you will be provided with a check-list which you may use regularly to measure your own time management effectiveness.                                                

By applying time management principles you can actually use every moment of your life more purposefully. Time management principles help you create and keep a healthy balance between your work and leisure hours. All methods and techniques will be presented using clear examples so that you can apply them with ease and accomplish your daily objectives with more success and less stress.

You will see how to assign priority to various tasks and measure your progress by achieving more and more of your objectives. Not only you and your family members will see and feel the positive results of your efforts, your friends and colleagues will also benefit substantially.

Time management seminar will help you to focus on short term goals and objectives in order to attain your life-long hopes and dreams.

Seminar summary:
The required time for this seminar is 5 to 6 hours, excluding time for lunch.
Time management