Everyone is constantly involved in negotiations. You can always be the best in every negotiation. Every one is preoccupied with personal or professional issues at all times, whether consciously or not. Reaching your objectives should be your solitary goal. Your payoff will be as large as is the subject of the negotiation. Various techniques offered in this seminar will enable you to be the best you can possibly be in every negotiation and reach your high priority objectives.

Three stages and five underlying principles of every negotiation will be discussed in details. You will recognize many of the gambits and maneuvers which were previously used against you. You will learn and appreciate a series of body-language gestures. We will also be able to identify and apply appropriate reactions to such gestures.

Mastering the principles of negotiation will enable you to get most of what you want without conflict or resorting to force and ultimatum. Using these principles will earn you more business and also the added respect from your customers and colleagues. The key to closing a deal is creating a suitable environment where both parties can freely interact and reach their mutual objectives. You will be convinced never to say "yes" to the first offer. You will be introduced to many scientific methods whereby an endless haggling over the price can be effectively shortened. There are times when some, or all, of the previously granted discounts could be taken back - without creating any ill feeling or negative reaction.

You will appreciate how your awareness of your competitors will actually help you to strengthen your position and succeed where they have failed. Finally, the ultimate goal is to turn customers to repeat clients.                

Seminar summary:

The required time for this seminar is 5 to 6 hours, excluding time for lunch.
The secrets of power negotiation