You can always keep others happier and more satisfied. Are you willing to see yourself as others see you? Would you like to deepen your understanding of others and encourage them to do likewise? This seminar will demonstrate that it is best to treat people to their liking and according to what they expect.

You will recognize people's indirect hints to their expectations from you. You will discover how individual's internal behavioral pattern influences his/her expectations from others. You will need to understand and know how to adopt certain behaviors and avoid certain others to achieve maximum results. Being fully aware of your feelings enables you to reduce tensions and deepen your mutual understanding and widen the mutual cooperation.

Relationship strategies are series of systematic methods that can be easily put to work and obtain productive results in personal as well as in professional relationships. The objective is not a thorough psychological analysis of people we meet everyday; however, it is very important that this seminar focuses on the individuals' personality differences and preferences. This seminar offers simple insights to recognizing these differences in order to minimize the tensions resulting from ignoring or misunderstanding these differences.

Seminar summary:

The required time for this seminar is 5 to 6 hours, excluding time for lunch.
Relationship strategies