One should always be in the lookout for new prospects. Marketing is a very important and valuable profession. Everyone, and society as a whole will benefit from your marketing efforts.  Industrial wheels of the economy are in constant motion because of marketing and sales people.

You will develop a deeper respect and understanding for what you do. Through improved awareness and self-confidence you will be able to motivate yourself and others. You will recognize that there is a close relation between the number of prospects and the level of your success. Who are these prospects? Where would you find them? How would you gain their trust? And finally, how would you turn customers to repeat customers, or clients? Why should customers prefer you over the competitors? You must evaluate yourself and recognize your abilities. It is important that you prepare yourself and make yourself fit for success. It is possible to get sales orders much more economically than you get now. Have you ever written your future diary? You may want to start one immediately. There are important factors to be considered on professional phone calls, especially for sales purposes. Follow-ups are very important in gaining customer satisfaction. There are many innovative follow-up strategies which you can choose from, or devise your own.

It is recommended that Professional closing also is presented on the same day as this seminar. Together, these two seminars will be regarded as one full-day seminar.

Seminar summary:

The required time for this seminar is 3 to 4 hours, excluding time for lunch.
Professional prospecting