This seminar is about working with people who at times may make our job more difficult than it is. They are clients, colleagues, and all those who do not measure up to the usual standard. This seminar addresses those who do not keep their promises, those who are not as agreeable as they seem, those who procrastinate, those with short tempers, those who seem to agree with everything, and those whose questions and worries never end.

This seminar does not intend to suggest that you somehow change these people or stop working with them altogether. However; you will be able to predict and avoid these undesired encounters and jointly focus on your mutual objectives by forming a more productive team.

This seminar offers practical methods and techniques used by people just like you in the similar situations. You could apply these principles and achieve instant results where previously you were not quite able to do so. We have often experienced people that are more difficult to interact with, or may need a bit more caution to deal with. You have probably witnessed a client or a colleague who has repeatedly put off his or her decision and caused lengthy delays. This seminar will show you alternative working strategies when coping with difficult people.

After a comprehensive review of various difficult personality types, we will turn to devising methods and strategies to deal with each personality type more effectively.  These strategies will be presented in an easy-to-apply format so that you could put them to work and realize the benefits.


The required time for this seminar is 5 to 6 hours, excluding time for lunch.
Coping with difficult people

Seminar summary: