This center was established in 1994 with the primary goal of consulting. Our mission is now expanded to include research and development of educational materials related to the Management of Human Resources. Our educational materials and presentations are focused on providing scientific and yet practical tools in a simple off the shelf format useable by all involved in (HR). Unfortunately human resource in many countries, such as Iran, has not been able to capture the rightful position and the importance it deserves. Due to relative low wages, compared to other countries, proper attention has not been paid to training, and development. Therefore, proper management of this important resource is significantly neglected. The negative effects of HR's mismanagement and its symptoms are evident in low manpower's productivity and poor quality of product and services.

Human Resources are considered the most valuable asset of the organization. Company's ideology is rooted in the management's know-how and is reflected in how this resource is maintained and managed. The company's longevity and its ability to compete effectively in an open and free market can only be realized under an effective management of its personnel. Company's investment in acquiring the more advanced technologies has its own advantages; however, attracting, training, and maintaining qualified and loyal personnel are essential for success. Rapid changes in the market and ways to access customers force suppliers to adhere to certain standards. However; observing such standards is merely a permission to operate, and only minimally advantageous in regional markets where access to outside competitors is limited. To compete and survive in an open and thriving market, where technology and capital is accessible to all, management of human resources is the sole and principal determinant of the quality of product and services. To this end, continual training and proper management of a company's human resources is necessary and crucial. 

Our main focus is on fulfilling this objective. In other words, our goal is to provide your management with a series of ready to use tools and techniques based on scientific principals, yet easy to understand and apply. This center hopes to accomplish this objective by offering consulting services to HR managers, conducting professional seminars, and offering audiovisual tools on a variety of HR subjects.     

We will welcome and value your questions and comments. Please use this site's address to contact us, as a client or as an interested colleague.  

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